How fucked up your life is

  • When I switch on the TV, the power goes out.
  • I get friendzoned even before I get close to a girl.
  • Even my task manager goes into “Not Responding” state.
  • I crossed the path of a black cat, and the cat was razed down by a truck moments after.
  • I went to Goa searching for chicks and returned with Chicken Pox.
  • The only girls I have spoken to on phone are the customer care people. Even they don’t talk more than 3 minutes.
  • My average hair-fall* is greater than Virat Kohli’s average, while chasing.
  • I have also been told that I look and behave like Rahul Gandhi.
  • The only girl I proposed to said she’ll accept my proposal after India wins the world cup. I was so happy, until she mentioned she was talking about the Football World Cup.

* Hair-fall measured in number of strands falling per day

(Don’t) Judge a Book By Its Cover


Ben Ambridge

We all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But we all do it anyway. If I were to show you some faces, you’d find it pretty easy to make a snap judgment of –say – how clever they look. But this would just be prejudice, right? You couldn’t, just by looking, guess people’s actual intelligence. Could you?

Let’s try. Below are three men. Rank them in order of intelligence from most to least (these aren’t real people, but composites created – in each case – by averaging across lots of difference faces).

Image And now the same for women.Image

Scroll down to find out the rankings that most people give.

Image Photo credit:!prettyPhoto-7611/0/

For the male faces, most people rate the man on the right as the most intelligent, and the man on the left as the least. For the female faces, most people rate the woman…

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On Learning How To Breathe


Traveling Seeds

Poem entry for the Weekly Writing Challenge

The first time I breathed

today (for those others

surely could not have been but mere imitations!)

I felt it, really felt it,

flow into my nasal passages

as I stole some of the passing

gust of wind.

The breath, full of all

those eternal argon particles

and stardust pieces (but

mostly nothing –

at all)

tumbles into my lungs (

expanding, e x p a n d i n g)

and finally I feel what

I had been missing all day.

Connection, life, wealth, and


all contained within this

one curious handful of air.

Imagine that! The history

of the universe, contained for

moments at a time

within my own being…

it’s only right that I should

feel so lucky.

Exhale now, but slowly;

the first true breath of the day

is always one

to savor.

I wonder what the


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