How fucked up your life is

  • When I switch on the TV, the power goes out.
  • I get friendzoned even before I get close to a girl.
  • Even my task manager goes into “Not Responding” state.
  • I crossed the path of a black cat, and the cat was razed down by a truck moments after.
  • I went to Goa searching for chicks and returned with Chicken Pox.
  • The only girls I have spoken to on phone are the customer care people. Even they don’t talk more than 3 minutes.
  • My average hair-fall* is greater than Virat Kohli’s average, while chasing.
  • I have also been told that I look and behave like Rahul Gandhi.
  • The only girl I proposed to said she’ll accept my proposal after India wins the world cup. I was so happy, until she mentioned she was talking about the Football World Cup.

* Hair-fall measured in number of strands falling per day


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