100 million oblivion: What will you do if you have 100 million next morning

What will you do tomorrow morning if you have 100 million ?

I was sitting in my room whole day reading a book on financial markets and money banking as my interest for economics has really surged up in last 2 days. My interest wanders like a stray dog wandering in a street on a cold day who gets so happy when finds the sunlight. I never read a book with so much enthusiasm at least not when the semester has just started.

My tendency to get bore quickly took off at the night and I went to my friends room asking lets play fifa. He was in no mood so we just shifted to a topic which engineers discuss in a room when they don’t have any planning in future.

Turn on Facebook to check out some hot chicks or talk about how we could not crack IIT and landed up in bits. Everyone has a story on why they could not crack iit or god exists or not? Hardly there was a day we discussed about mechanical engineering. We just took it because we had no other choice.

We ended up thinking we wish we had 100 million dollars with us right now. For next 5 mins we were totally blank as you are right now when we thought what we will do if we wake up in the morning and we have 100 million dollars.

Just keep this book aside for 5 mins and think what you will do if you have that much money with you ?

We just did what everyone do when are confused.

Google it.

We just wrote “how to” on google just to check. The best search engine displays the first thing as how to kiss. How and why do people search about kissing? Is it a rocket science? You just need to come closer to a girl and the first thing that touch. Actually, the first thing can be something else if your girlfriend has “big” heart. She will hold your hand first.

We checked the links for how to spend 100 million dollars ? We thought why people always think of dollars man? This is not fair. Is there any sin all the other currencies have done. Why can’t we multiply with the exchange rate and think in our currency.

Links were to boring to spend 100 millions according to them, you can do anything with that money so we closed the link. We thought lets ask our best friends what will they do if they have 100 million. Strangely everyone in this world wants money but no one knows what to do when they actually have it. You will read 1000s of books on where to invest, when to invest, how to save but no one can tell you where you can spend the money in order to get the most important thing in life and that is happiness. Research says that happiness is not determined by how much a person earn but it depends on how they spend it. Some say you cannot buy happiness with money. you could not love what it does to some people, but you couldn’t not love having it yourself. People do stupid things when they come into a large sum of money. Even if they worked hard for it, money often changes people. You’d think it would change people for the better, but unfortunately that isn’t usually the case. The more money people have, the more selfish they seem to become.

Money is only good if it’s spent. The trick is to spend it on the right things. Spending money on what matters in life will make you happier – seriously. It’s a whole lot better than being completely selfish. However, no one said that you can’t pamper yourself from time to time. How would you live if you had all the money in the world?

What can you do?

Live in a different part of the world every year, Go upto space, buy an island, cure a disease, feed the hungry , charity , stop a war , raise global standard of living  or figure out a way to live forever.

These were the answers most of them gave.

Here starts the story of a broke, thefty and selfish guy who gets 100 million in his room when he wake up next morning.

What will he do? How his life will turn out to be? Will he still be selfish or money will make him good?

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