How I wrote my own death story

How I wrote my own death story.

What will you do if you discover a super natural power within you one day?
The first thought that comes into your mind when you wake up every morning turns into reality daily.
In the beginning you will certainly enjoy the uncontrollable power inside you till your brain does not turn on and you keep on enjoying the situation temporarily.
But what will happen if your brain starts producing wrong thoughts.
The first thought of the day can be anything.
From achieving success in your business, impressing the boss to daily sinusoidal emotional imbalance or wrong thoughts due to family problems or lack of motivation.

Sushant, 25 years old, a Delhi university campus stud with more trophies in his cupboard than clothes, pursuing masters in psychology discovers his power after observing his thoughts daily.

Life has introduced a new chapter of psychology in his life.
He enjoys the first few days of his brain strength and loves this turning point of his life.

But his parents, friends and even girlfriend after listening to him really did not give a shit to him.
As always it became a source of making fun for friends and no one really believed what he said.

Even the best of the motivational speakers and the most successful people cannot stay positive all the time.
Mind can be directed but cannot be fully controlled ever.
If I tell you not to imagine a pink elephant. You will certainly imagine it.
When you just pray to brain to not imagine a particular thing. It will take you to that place only.

This is what really made him tensed that what would he do if the first thought were his biggest nightmare of anyone’s life.


How will you react if you know that you will die in 15 days?
What all things you will try to accomplish within that limited time?
Will you spend time with family or go for the dreams and achieve them.
There are many best examples of the people who started living when they came to know that they would die soon.

Most of us live as if we have infinite amount of time to do all the things. We procrastinate and put the achievement of our dreams on hold while we tend to those daily emergencies that fill up our days.
A great recipe for a life of regret.

Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, a very small number. Novelist paul bowles beautifully asked these questions.
How many more times you will remember a certain afternoon of your childhood.
Some afternoon that’s deeply a part of your childhood.
How many more times you will watch a full moon
Perhaps 20 more and yet it all seem limitless?

BUT how will Sushant handle this situation of his life?
Will he face it and live the last 15 days of his life as if he was dying till now or he will die of fear before the actual death.

Here starts the exciting story to the secret behind death!

Do you like the summary of this book
How I wrote my own death story


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