Thailand šŸ˜‰

Sophee Smiles

This morning, my backyard was a preciousĀ beach off the North Eastern Coast of Thailand. Weā€™d left Bangkok late the day before and decidedĀ to pitch a tent around sun down. That call placed us in this unknown destination,Ā whichĀ turned out to be our favourite pseudo camping spot yet.


As we wearily rolledĀ our Rover onto the sand, the unexpected sound of singing filled the air. It appearedĀ a jovial group of Thais were engaged in a drunkenĀ karaoke session. They were belting out the lyrics toĀ ā€œMy Heart Will Go Onā€ in theirĀ Thai-English accents. It was enough toĀ send us over the edge and into fits of laughter. Itā€™d been a long day.

The next morning, we woke to the soothingĀ soundĀ of the waves. We had a quick bath in the warm ocean,Ā as the local kids curiously watched on. After a lazy start to the day, we finally hit the road again and made our way towards theā€¦

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