Pav Bhaji? Top 11 Places in Mumbai!

Fine Baked Bread

Pav Bhaji: Undoubtedly Mumbai’s Favourite Food!

Pav Bhaji, the best gift Maharashtrians have given the world in terms of food! This dish seamlessly becomes a part of any of the four meals you have in the day! And guess what, it’s been westernised with the addition of cheese too, only for the better! Pav Bhaji is proudly, Aamchi Mumbai’s very own dish! Let’s have a look at the 11 best places to enjoy Pav Bhaji in the maximum city!

11. Sardar Refreshments

Sardar Refreshments

source: tripadvisor

The Pav Bhaji here is known for only one thing, butter! Loads and loads of it! This Pav Bhaji has around for quite some years now!

10. Nityanand Fast Food

Nityanand Fast Food

source: sulekha

Want to have som e spicy, tasty Pav Bhaji around the corner before catching the train at Charni Road? Well, this is the place to go! This place is particularly known for the amazing…

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