Reason to be concerned

Unconventional Wisdom

If you’re like most people of the Western world, you follow your governments recommendations regarding health. Each country has different heart organisations/foundations that say they are non-charity, yet they take hundreds of thousands of dollars from food corporations to say that a food item is healthy. That doesn’t sound very honest and non-charity to me. The only requirement the food item will need for this endorsement is to be considered “low-fat”. Well, unfortunately nearly all low-fat food items are loaded with sugar because they have to be. When the fat is removed the product becomes unpalatable, so the only solution is sugar. What this means is that people are consuming loads of sugar each day without even realizing it.

I also use to be on the low-fat bandwagon. I did everything I was told to do diet wise, yet I was gaining weight and gradually getting less healthy. I always wondered…

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