Tandoori and Petronas

I will die eating this

farraz theda

Jakarta’s weather is so confusing lately (well, it always be) but, extremely these days. It’s gonna be super HOT during daytime, and suddenly heavy rain, altogether with the storm will pour in the evening. So, lately, I spend most of my time in the room, just in case it suddenly rains heavily, I don’t need to worry. Anyway! since I hadn’t be able to tell my whole experience in KL through my last post, I will dedicate this post for my other KL’s experiences. Here we go!


the famous Petronas Twin Tower the famous Petronas Twin Tower

They said: you haven’t been to Malaysia, if you haven’t been to Twin Tower. So, here I am. Even though it feels like a hell, I didn’t expect it to be so hot, since it rains quite often in Indonesia. Guess what, I’m totally wrong. During my 3 days stayed in KL, it has been so sunny most…

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