I DO want to spell it that way

Hahahaha..amazing humour.

'The Mom' Has Things To Say

I know that Autocorrect is trying to help me and sometimes it does. There are a fair few words I cannot reasonably be depended upon to know how to spell – in fact, my spelling is atrocious. (Autocorrect has just corrected that last word.) Time was, my spelling was The Mom’s problem, but seeing as how I’m nearly 40 years of age now, have a PhD in freaking writing, and am often tasked with proofreading at work, I can see how this is no longer the best solution. And Autocorrect often gets me out of some embarrassing situations. Like my inability to spell embarrassing. I just can’t seem to keep track of doubled up letters well. Other times, I just don’t agree with the way the letters in a word are organised. If I’d been consulted, I’d have done things differently.

But there are some times when I actually do…

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