Overnight sensation

Tom Donald Music

Like most of my musician friends, I’ve had a page on the Reverbnation site for some time, but never really maintained it. I’d get the almost-daily emails trying to sell me something or other, and just figured the idea was aimed at separating me from my cash. But about a week ago, i started getting something else from Reverbnation: Fan requests, and lot of them. Early this week, it all added up to #7 locally and something like #150 nationally. This morning it’s up to #5, all without any (ostensible) effort on my part. Am I the new Frankie Avalon? Or the just latest one-hit wonder in the digital age? At age 68 (and holding), the answer to the first question is clearly, “Um, no,” quickly followed by “Are you kidding?” And the second query? Also, no, mostly because despite the seeming avalanche of activity, I don’t have a “hit,”…

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