“What’s the plan tonight? Let’s crash a wedding!”

Jaipur love


Raj has noted our wedding obsession and tonight we’re staying at a guesthouse right next door to a wedding venue. Our second floor balcony and bedroom windows overlook the wedding – a perfectly brilliant spot for spying. Then he announces that we can join the wedding if we want to. “Yes, yes, yes!” we squeal. He instructs us to go and change into dresses “nice and bright coloured” and although I’m mildly insulted our current outfits (trousers) aren’t considered good enough, I’m overjoyed to reveal I have the perfect dresses for such an occasion. At first we hang on the fringe, feeling like imposters, but as our popularity becomes more apparent we happily pose for photos with the guests in exchange for snapping a few of our own. Soon we’re weaving through the wedding with a troop of kids on our tail and women pressing plates of food at us…

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