If You Love Adventure Riding, Pay Attention!


Those of us who ride off road and enjoy using the land for responsible recreation are a giving, caring, protective, volunteering  lot.  We do more for trail maintenance, upkeep and responsible use than most.  Unfortunately, there are a few of us who do not fall into this category and abuse the land without thought.  Because of this, governmental agencies seeking to “protect the land from misuse” often “fix” the issue by imposing user restrictions and charging user fees.  They believe that they know what’s best for all of us, and that their methodologies are the only way to do so.

We know that governmental agencies while good intentioned, governmental solutions are often utilize bureaucratic and administrative means to “save the environment” by onerous means.  One of the most recent in the USA is the National Park Service’s plan to limit access to these important recreational areas.  The NPS is presently taking comments to their proposed action in…

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