Reason why you should definitely go to Japan.

Love for Japan continues!

The Happy Kevin

Ok ok ok ok… So i’m really a big fan of Japanese animation and I think Japan is more than that, I think Japan has a very rich culture that they’ve preserved so well that it still shows up until today, here are some reasons on why you should go to Japan before you DIE! :))


This is what you call CUTE! Japanese imagination is crazy.. crazy in a good way! they have tons of cute food that you can’t see in other countries.


Japan is known for it’s strict Hygiene habits and sanitary precautions, if you’re a neat freak then this is the place for you!


Ameya-Yokocho market

This place is like the “Divisoria” of Tokyo you can buy anything here, shoes, clothes, toys, snacks EVERYTHING! it’s also clean here you definitely HAVE to go here when you are in Tokyo, this will save you a lot for your…

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