Why meditation is good for health? Why meditation and mindfulness matters for a good well-being?

Meditation 🙂

Meditation is a life changer !Have you ever thought that meditation and mindfulness can change you life from a stressful life to a better happy life?

No matter how busy your life is or it isn’t, just give few minutes of start of the day to make yourself feel good about it. May be your are a very busy person who often travel places and have tight schedule of work or a white-collar duty person or a mother who has raised 7 children 😀 or a student like me ! Just give your five to ten minutes of the day ! Don’t neglect it by saying you’re a busy person and can’t give your time. Most of the time we spent thinking, only thinking ! The problem is residing within ourselves as most of us are lazy and cannot compromise with our feelings. Isn’t it?

The science of meditation explains…

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