I’ve been thinking…a lot! And apparently, so have you…


…up to 50,000 – 60,000 thoughts a day! That’s according to the National Science Foundation.


That’s a powerful thought, in and of itself!

But consider this…

How many of those thoughts are habitual? Thoughts that you’re simply unaware of? How many of those are wasted?  How many are just the same thoughts that you think everyday, the same ones that you thought yesterday?

How many are intentional?  How many are negative? Critical? Positive?

I’ve been thinking about my thoughts a lot lately.  In education we call that metacognition (thinking about your thinking).

It’s been said that our thoughts become our actions.  Our actions then lead to results (moods etc.).  Actions then lead to beliefs.

What if we harnessed our thoughts and controlled them, intentionally?  Realized our responsibility for them? Considered them assets?  Yes, I realize that we can’t possibly be aware of ALL of them, that would be mentally…

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