How He Asked (My Proposal Story)

Dreams of Bold

I thought about the day I would be proposed to since I was a kid, as I’m sure most girls do.  I thought about the ring, the speech, whether there would be people around, where we would be.  Since Stephen and I started dating and we realized that we would eventually like to get married, the thoughts of the proposal became even more real.  I always wondered how it would happen and I resolved to focus on our relationship more than the proposal/wedding.  This wasn’t always easy with videos of “The BEST Proposal EVER” constantly being posted on the Internet and with girls flashing details of their weddings on Facebook. But, we put work into our relationship and kept on loving each other.  So, even though I knew that he’d propose sometime, I didn’t want to have one inkling about what was to come.

Now for the fun details!


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