What Can We Learn From Sand?

What a description! Serene and beautiful


I took a walk to the beach today (again). If you couldn’t tell, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach!!! It was a beautiful day today. After walking for a while, I sat on the dunes, put on my worship music and prayed, thought and relaxed.

After a while I started doing something I NEVER do because I am not really a fan of the feel, I started playing with the sand in my hands. While I was doing this I asked God, “Please speak to me through the sand” not fully expecting what would happen.

Then just like one off those old slideshow movies, I saw pictures flash before me seemingly random but I knew exactly what they meant.

I saw the different textures of sand and I saw the waves. The different textures of sand represents different walks of life and the waves represent God.

What God was telling me is…

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