5 Reasons Why A Fijian Should Go To Goa

Goa- can’t be explained better than this. 🙂

Where is Shyamni?

I am sitting in a rooftop terrace garden sipping coffee. The morning breeze cool, gentle. In a distance I can see the St. Sebastian Chapel amid the swaying palms trees. Strains of Alyssa Mendonsa’s soothing Khwabon Ke Parindey fill the air followed by an Enya track.


I’m sitting here drinking coffee just how I like it, listening to music I would’ve generally put on my ipod for, stretching out the knots in my neck and watching it all flown away by this gorgeous Goan morning. Coming to Goa wasn’t planned. Never was on ‘the list’ actually. But when I arrived from Kathmandu to leisurely spend 10 days in Mumbai, I hadn’t anticipated how expensive Mumbai is. Budget-wise 1 day in Mumbai was equal to 5 days in the rest of India! So after 3 nights, I hastily made my way out of the there. Goa only an 1 hour away by…

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