How I travelled 7 countries in less than 50k (700 euros) ???

Clear blue skies and just a small groundswell - perfect conditions for enjoying this stretch.
Travelling is not about money, its about courage.

I am pretty much sure that you must have read one of the books of the legend who said these words. The living alchemist- Paulo coelho
I am not sure if this is the right way of saying it or not but yes these words are true.

You must be thinking.

What is the relation between travelling and courage?
Give me the money and I will travel. Sounds cool and easy. Right?

The underlying condition behind these lines is that you are passionate to travel, you love talking to people and making random friends anywhere, adventure drives you crazy, risks makes you go awesanneeee and you are willing to give up anything but travelling.

But what is the reality?

You cancel your travelling because you think its gonna cost you a lot. You make plans but you don’t execute or you dont make any but you think you want to travel.

Its never gonna work like that. Here comes your will to do it. Your passion to search for cheaper places. The enthusiasm to make new friends and the courage to do it.

If you want to inspire yourself- check this blog out-

The point is how to make it possible. Its your dream to see new places. You cant give up on it so easily.

Lets talk about numbers.

If you want luxury with adventure then I am sorry this blog is not for you. But if you can travel in bus, stay is hostels with sharing room and can eat local cheap food then here it is.

Travel + Acco + food = 3000 INR (45 euros) per country. Breakdown- (20+15+10) euros

Its the era of entrepreneurship- You just need to start-up.

I will tell you the websites to explore cheaper rates.

Flights and local travel-   ,

Search for hostels in europe and you will find loads or !

You will find free guided tours in each of the big cities!
Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich!

You really get to know a lot about the local culture, stories and the beliefs of the people. Free of cost! Yes Free.

If you are a lazy person then a day ticket for a day will cost 5 euros but you will see most people walking.

I preferred walking because you get to know more about the place when you are walking through the roads and observing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 1.02.35 pm

The next thing I will tell you will blow your mind.
If I calculate the worth I made while travelling is more than a million in terms of value(friends and network) and in terms of money.

I bought a Macbook Pro of worth 1.2 lacs in 30k and Nexus 5 worth 30k in 9k from Japan!

If I calculate this then I am already in a profit ( 90k + 25K – 50K)

(This is a different story not the euro trip.)

Now the other interesting part of the story. The places I just told you about are the most exotic locations on the planet.

How can you not try the best beers ? How do you miss the best Strip clubs in Europe? If you are a stoner then ….

I will show a picture from my phone that I took it in Prague(first one). It was banned but how can I not record this.




The beautiful ladies!


And if you are interested in reading books and writing at different places or just think about new ideas.

Travelling is the way to go.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 2.22.04 pm

If you need any help about the tickets and the places to see. Contact me without thinking twice and remember

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 2.25.54 pm

Click Here!

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