What kind of person you are???

Consider this modern day scenerio:

A man is getting ready to go to work. As he woke up earlier in the morning, his first thought was the meeting he has scheduled later in the day. It’s very important meeting with a foreign delegation that can win him a huge contract and pitch him into international headlines. Turning point in his life. He has been working for this from years now and today it will come to fruition. He dresses well and tells his wife and fine tune everything. He gets into his chauffeur driven car and becomes engrossed in working on his laptop. After a while, he looks up and realizes that the car is struck in a massive jam. Lanes of vehicles stand bumper to bumper, hopelesly stranded. Nothing is even moving. The jam tightens. The man looks nervously at his watch. If they move within the next 5 minutes, he will just be able to make in time. With mounting despair, he realizes that this is not going to happen.

Angrily he snaps at the driver: Why did he take this route today? He closes his laptop in frustration. his agitation increases by the second. How could this happen today? 15 minutes laters they still havent moved an inch. Unable to control his rage, he calls on his phone. His secretary tells him the foreign delegation is waiting. She requests that he come quickly, as they have other important appointments. Frustration and helplessness break through as he fires off another angry abuse to hapless driver.

Here is how another day—

A women wakes up, and as she stretches, a delicious sense on expectancy runs through her. Finally, this is the day her baby will come home. How long she’s waited for this moment. Almost two years back, she decided she would adopt a child. The whole process has taken this much time. But now the day is here and she has seen and held the baby who will be hers, it has blotted the agony of waiting.

There’s only one final formality left, which she’s rushing out now to complete. She believes in auspicious days and today is the one that her astrologer has chosen.

She takes a final look around the room. Everything is in place. She looks fondly at the new crib, piles of diapers and small clothes. She looks at her watch. She will be right on time. Today she needs to be the official who will witness her signing of papers. She turns the corner and suddenly the good cheer vanishes.

She’s confronted with a line of unmoving cars ahead. Quickly she considers whether she can change her route or not but already there are many cars behind hers.

She looks at her watch. There’s still no cause for despair. 15 minutes later, the hope has faded away. There has been a major accident and it will take hours to clear.

How could this happened today ? How can she return today without a baby? A sharp wave of disappointment floods through her. Tears, drained and helpless.She has to reschedule the  meeting now. She calms herself with this thought.

In a different part of the city—

A man wakes up at a dawn. He walks onto his balcony, greeting the day with a gentle smile. As he sips his tea, he thinks back on his career and contemplates what a special day. Today the president will present him with a reward. His children will come from all over the world. He feels blessed and graceful.

His wife bought him new clothes. He begins to dress. Soon they are all on their way, a proud family.

They are just 10 minutes away and the car is stopped by a police officer. The traffic has been diverted. The police officer who leans down into the window tells him there is an important function that the president has to attend. No traffic is allowed until then. In vain they try to explain how important it is for them to reach the venue as well for the award presentation ceremony. Officer looks at them helplessly. Dissapointments.

The man looks at himself unshakable.

With the same equanimity with which he drank his morning tea. He leans back and is soon absorbed in the music, oblivious to the honking cars and his family’s tension.

All 3 people are poised at very significant junctures in their life. The traffic jams they encounter are a metaphor for the hurdles they come up against on their journeys that prevent them from reaching their destination.

Which one is you??
Why are the responses so different?

You belong to all the 3 categories. Why do u behave differently?

What causes these swings?

-the only way out is within!

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