I remember when I was around 12 years old or so that I was having a chicken burger at Mcdonalds and I suddenly realised, “Oh,my god, its tuesday.”

I was a young, immature boy and took everything related to god very seriously. Maybe because everyone was doing it and I thought I had committed a sin, because I had been told that eating meat on tuesdays was a venial sin. And I remember I was very nervous and I went to the washroom 3-4 times. Cleaning my mouth again and again. I was feeling really guilty. I spoiled my mood and my day completely with that thought.

My mother took a look at me when I came into the house. She said: “what’s the matter? Are you okay? Did somebody beat you up? What happened?
And I said No. but I ate meat today.
I forgot it was a tuesday. God is going to be bad at me.

That’s what I really really thought. My heart was breaking that I did this thing.

My mother,God bless her, she just held me in her arms and said “its okay sweetheart. I am sure its all right” . Dont be upset now.

Now, my mother was wise enough to know that at the age of 12, I probably wasnt ready to hear that god simply didn’t care.

I had a dream that night with god saying in my dreams. He was speaking to the world that you can eat meat anytime and anyday and on tuesdays as well. I have no problem whatsoever.

I jumped in excitement in my dreams. Now all those people who ate meat on tuesdays can get out of..” They wont go to hell now. Its not a crime now.

He simply accepts us the way we are.

I just had to accept the way I am.

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