ONE THING AT A TIME – First sci-fi novel :)

It was getting difficult for me to concentrate and focus. I am not made for just one thing in life. People advise me that don’t be a jack of everything, be a master of one but it doesn’t seem to ring a bell in my mind. It disturbs me if I don’t do all that interests me. I have been grown up this way. Should I change is all what I think in my mind? Can’t I succeed if I take up all these activities and move together? Nowadays I have even started combining all the activities I do.

I play football and basketball together. Under the basketball pole I have put a small football net and I dribble both the balls together and shoot at the same time. Its so much fun, using your legs to move the football and at the same time concentrate on basketball.

I have combined squash and lawn tennis together. I play lawn tennis in a room with two sides and net in between and it is allowed to hit on the walls too.

Basically an indoor closed room lawn tennis.

Time is limited but I want to experience everything. I am free; I do things what I like and my interest changes faster than time nowadays.

Many a times my brain is not at peace because I am occupied with too much things. I have to slow it down and to do it, I have to write. But I love playing a drum beat with my feet along with writing. Your hands are not full synchronised with feet but mine is.

I love to travel and I am a writer. I do these things together. I don’t write about travel but travelling helps me make stories. I sell books all over the world shouting in the streets to make some money and then travel more with the money.

I have a habit of talking to one new person everyday so I just keep giving random smile to people and find a reason to say hello. I don’t care if it is a girl or a boy. I don’t care if the girl is thinking I am hitting on her or if the boy thinks I am gay.

If I don’t find any person, I talk to animals. Whatever it is, a dog, a cat or even an ant or a small bug.

They have so wonderful life, searching for food and shelter. Exploring world.

I talk to them about their life and they tell me everything.

I have a brain disease whose name is difficult to recall and even pronounce.

Basically I had a brother and our heads were attached. Luckily or unluckily I survived and he died. But the doctors could not take out his brain because it could have resulted in my death too.

So I have two brains and I could not do one thing at a time.

Join this double roller coaster hell of a ride with the boy named Joy and the mystery to satisfy two brains, two girlfriends and two lives.

People cannot handle one, would he be able to handle two?

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