Kill me but please don’t rape me- She said

It was 3 a.m. She was partying all the stress out of her 9 to 5 bullshit job, being a data administrator in an IT company is not that easy. Firstly, handling such a huge data and then her work floor full of scary masculine sex craving people who try to hit on her every time.

Fridays are the best part of her weekend and everyone was fully sloshed. She had to go back home today as her father has come after a long time and it was all set for a family weekend.

She felt beautiful and yes she was in physical world too.

Her white matt finish skin with a perfect color tone and red lip-gloss was perfect for that day. Her red knee length dress made people look at her from bottom to top, stopping at the midway for more time because her figure was awesaneee. She was tall and her heels made her look taller than half of the guys in the party.

She was too drunk to drive and get back to her home. All her friends were inside the club were totally sloshed but she was sensible enough to make this decision in her mind to not to drive so she gave the keys to his friend to take care of her car and she took out her phone to book the cab.

She checked everything in her bag and drank a glass of water to detoxify little bit and get back in senses but she was still stumbling on her way. The cab guy came within 5 minutes and she sat in the

Front seat comforting herself by adjusting the angle.

Her destination was 45 minutes away from Gurgaon and she was happy about meeting her father soon.

Imagining all this in her mind, light music and glaring bright lights coming from the front made her sleep.

She did not know it would be the last beautiful sleep of her life and all her following life would be a nightmare.

The beast driver sitting with her had no mercy and respect for girls. What do we expect from an uneducated guy grown up in an area where people kill each other for money and rape was an everyday activity.

He observed that she had fallen in deep sleep and was drunk badly.

He did not even think twice in his mind and turned the car in a dark forest area. He drove till he reached the dead end of it and where no one could see his car. He was not even sweating because it was his 25th time. He turned off the head-light and touched the girl to satisfy his sick sexually spoiled mind and within seconds she was in her senses and got away from his reach trying to open the gate and run away but he was all prepared for this. The door did not open and her requested him to drop off her place back and there would be no complaint filed against his name. She wouldn’t even tell anyone about this. She begged, requested and cried but nothing happened. Kill me but please don’t rape me- she said.

He took her to the back seat of the car, rapped her badly and dropped her off to her home with a warning that if any complaint were filed against him then all her family would be dead.

Welcome to the rape world of Delhi. Daily hundreds of girls are raped brutally by such monsters and nothing happens.

Her life was ruined after the day. She told her father and was thrown out of the house immediately. She had no motivation to live and not even the courage to tell this story to the world.

-Varun chopra

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