The game of the lost souls!

No one has ever been able to prove the existence of the terms rebirth or reincarnation. The existence of a soul is still not ascertained yet believed by most of the people. Though many people seems to believe in past karmas, life cycles and soul.

No one exactly knows what happens after we die. Do we take birth again?

How is it decided? Heaven or hell exists or it’s just a story.

Even if we come back then who decides what we become in the next cycle.

Why do we forget our past actions in the next birth?

Who weighs this good karma with bad karma?

Is it all decided?

This vicious life cycle as described in all the holy books.

All these were unanswerable until this man claimed that he has made the game of lost souls? He claims to know the secret hidden behind our subconscious brain.

All that has been ever done in your past and present life.

He could relocate any person to his past life.

Being a psychic neuroscientist for past 45 years with a dark background, the officials decided to lock him up in the prison for disturbing the media and the people around him.

Before they could catch hold of him. He ran away or maybe he died but they could not find his dead body.

They just found the laws of the game of lost souls, which he claimed was the only way to communicate with the past karmas.

The 7 levels that need to be cleared if anyone need to exit this game of birth and death.

Any failure in any round of the game leads to complete paralysis of the body, mind and soul and then the ultimate macabre.

Can anyone step forward and see what’s inside those 7 levels of the lost souls?