Exam time?

Mind always wander!

Where Life is a travelogue...

In the middle of exams, when you must complete a syllabus in a fixed period of time, why does the mind wish to run away from the table and books and to watch beauty of spiders gliding down from their cobwebs, of the patterns of shadows cast by pen and its various components, of the leaves swaying and birds chirping, of the blinding golden sunlight wanting ferociously to break in through the windows, inside which I sit; of the rustle caused by the footsteps of people coming and going out of the library, of the crinkles caused by the smiles, of the furrowed eyebrows creased with concentration, of distracted minds and of focused minds, of the library architected with impeccable symmetry, of creating pieces of art with the paintbrush, of watching the strokes that the pen creates, of watching the muscles twitch when the words are penned down on paper…

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