Where Life is a travelogue...

Just like the droplets of water that slide off the rose petals,

or off the wings of duck,

or off the leaves of lotus,

I would want some of my worries to slide off my head.

I would want them not to linger upon my mind,

but they hover like wasp over its prey,

they stick like grease on the skin,

they engulf like the swamp of a mire.

I wish to wrench myself away from it,

like the river running away from the glaciers,

like volcano erupting from the core,

like the rain bursting out from the clouds.

I shall keep my mind calm,

like the moonlight on a silvery night,

steady as the flame in a windless room,

with the calmness of the deep sea waters.

The power which courses through the universe shall bring peace home,

the power which brings in the fragrance of the dewy night,

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