The game of lost souls!

Why do you ask such lame questions in the class? How do you even think of it?

Do you seek attention in the class or you have this habit of making a fool of you every time?

Myra said this with her patented annoying style, shrinking her eyes, lifting the cheeks to an awkward position and that one sided grin.


I was about to say that Myra! You are right. He is behaving so weird these days.

Lost in his own world.

Who on this earth would ask the value of acceleration due to gravity at the end of the chapter called as Laws of gravitation? Ben added to Myra’s concern.


Do you remember the face of the physics teacher? They both giggled.



Ryan was walking little far from both of them and now after all this conversation, he slowed down even more to avoid listening to them.


Their physics class just got over and they were heading back to their home.

It was 8 p.m. and sun was completely down by now. It was getting darker.


They always walked back to their home even though it was long 20 minutes walk. Ben was a moderately rich with his own car at this age but he did not like to show off so he also preferred walking with Myra and Ryan.


Myra and Ryan were friends since childhood but they broke up for 3 years in class 9th till Ben came and sorted it out. It was not a girlfriend boyfriend break up. But both were egoistic to say sorry to each other on a stupid crush issue in school. They can, in fact, never be in a relationship because they literally hate each other.

Two scorpions can never be happy together. That’s what they agreed on.

They were almost born together with a difference of just a day.

12th and 13th November.

Ben on the other hand was a cool stupid guy with enough manly hobbies to make him look masculine. Otherwise he should have been a girl.


A skinny white guy with only 2 countable hair on his chin, which he prefers shaving rather than trimming just to act manlier.

Myra on the other hand was the prettiest nerd in the school. Her spectacles made her look more beautiful and her long hair was the charm of all.


Ryan was always lost in his own world, dreaming of something. He was not interested in studies or attending classes. He had this bad hobby of getting into new experiences even if it meant trouble to his life or anyone around him.

They all made a perfect match for a happy friendship circle.


Walking by the road laughing on Ryan’s stupidity in the class, Ben and Myra walked ahead of him.

Ryan never mind on these small issues. He loves spending time alone. Thinking of his own world.


Ryan had to return Myra’s calculator so he walked fast enough just to catch their site.


Kicking a stone on the ground for the 13th time in a row. He brought that stone from the tuition to this place now.

The stone has now gone into a gutter and he really felt sad about it.


He bent down to see where the stone has gone. He could see it through the holes of the gutter. He thought of opening it but it was too dirty and smelly. He could see many rats moving around and webs of the spiders covering the whole place.

He tried to open the metal bar kept on it but it was too heavy to be lifted alone.
He tried again but suddenly he heard Myra shouting.

Ryan threw it back on the ground and the bar made a heavy resonating metal sound. Ryan ran away from the place.


He looked ahead to catch a glimpse of them forgetting about that stone in the gutter.


He ran towards them and they were standing in front of him just signaling him to not make noise.

He slowed his speed as he came nearby, catching his breath again, he asked Myra.

What happened?


Myra signaled it to him to watch the next street.  They were standing on the T-point.


It was a huge street made on the sides of a very old graveyard.

The paint on the walls of the graveyard was fading. The black bricks could be seen with old greyish cement on it. They never reconstructed it. The smell was really terrible.

Rats and cockroaches roaming around the sides of the wall.


Ryan tried searching what Myra signaled him to watch but he did not find anything strange.


Myra slowly whispered to Ryan. A man just entered through that iron gates which they never saw opened before.

Something was shining in his hands. Ben also saw that.



Ben trying to be really cool about the situation was actually pissing off in his pants.

The place was really old, even older than ben’s great great grandfather. There was a terrible story his father told him about the place. He knew it was not safe to tell Ryan about the story, as he would get keener to get inside.


Ben tried avoiding the situation.

It should be the priest. What is strange about that?

Lets walk back home. Ryan you know about Myra.

She doubts on every single thing.


Ben trying his best to take their attention away from the steel gate.


But this was closed since ages Ryan walked diagonally just to see if he could see the man who went inside, whispering slowly.

He saw some strange green orange lights flickering inside.

The lamppost under which they were standing also flickered a bit. It made a trippy sound and started shining again brightly.

Ben was terrified. Myra and Ryan felt strange.


Ryan took off his bag and gave it to Ben.

I am going inside, if I don’t come back in 5 minutes than either you call someone or grow some balls till that time.


Myra held her back. You are not going inside Ryan. It maybe dangerous, you know its dark right now.
The sun was completely down by now and the streets were black by the slow rain last night.


They heard a man shouting and Ryan rushed inside the door.


Myra came forward to stand on the door and ben was carrying Ryan’s bag and moving behind slowly.


Ryan stepped inside to another door, which was already opened by someone else.


He entered into the graveyard that was little scary at night. The scent of the flowers was fresh as if someone has watered the plants few hours back.

He could see the names of the people carved on the stones.


Mr bent who was his neighbor few years back died in a car accident.

He tried searching what he came for.


Hiding behind the bushes Ryan tried to look for the person who just entered. The lights were not flickering anymore.

He saw a man whispering something very slowly.

Ryan could not make out where the voice was coming from. He searched from left to right and finally found the man sitting in an empty grave whispering something.


Ryan keeping his feet as slowly as possible moved closer to the grave in which this man was sitting. He tried concentrating on what that man was speaking.


Suddenly the man stopped whispering and Ryan looked in between the leaves, catching the glimpse of that man again.

He was sitting there in the same position. He looked really weak, badly hurt and pale.

There was some light coming from something kept in front of his legs.

Ryan stayed there for a minute waiting for the man to make some movements but he was still.

According to ryan, this man was dead. There were no movements whatsoever.

He went in closer to the body, coming out from the bushes.

He walked closer to that grave with full intention to hit this man back if any movement happens.

He picked up the stone from the ground and kept it behind his back.

He saw a board shining in green blue light. Some weird things were made on it.

He could only saw 2 words on the board.

Play or die!


He felt weird in his eyes after watching that board. He came closer to the man to sense if he was alive or not.


Myra pushed him back from behind. They both ran backwards. Myra he is dead, we should call the police- Ryan said.


You need to get out of this. Ben has gone to your home and called your parents. You should rush back immediately.

Don’t get into trouble this time.

Just before going out Ryan picked the board in his hand, Myra asked him to leave it behind. He did not listen.

They both ran back out of the graveyard to their home.













Before entering the house, Ryan called 911 and told them about this body lying in the graveyard. He swiftly put the board under his T-shirt from the back side.


Ben was standing at the door. Ryan punched ben in his stomach while entering the house. He took his bag from his hands, slipped in the board and locked him outside.


Call ben inside Ryan. I need to talk to him- Ryan’s father ordered.

Ryan opened the door again and ben was smiling.


Ben had already told everything to Ryan’s father and his reaction said it all.


You are not allowed to go out at night now. Not even physics tuition.

Study at home.

What if that man was dangerous?

What if he was a killer? Don’t be a hero at this age.

You are not mature.

His father shouted at top of his lungs.


Ryan went back to his room and his phone called.

Hello this is officer Mark speaking. You reported a dead body sitting in the graveyard.

We have taken him to the hospital. May I know who is speaking?

Hello officer. This is Ryan and I live closer to that place. I saw that man so I called.

Thank you Mr. Ryan but could you please come near that place for a minute?


Ryan rushed down through his balcony door and ran at his fastest speed just to make sure he could come back immediately. He did not want his father to make a scene again.

There was an ambulance and the police officer was standing there.

Mr. Ryan? He asked.

Ryan shook his head.

Thank you Mr. Ryan. We have taken him to the hospital. But could you tell more about the person?

Ryan had no idea about him and he told the truth.


Ok Mr. Ryan but do you know what happened to him? How he entered this place?

Ryan did not tell him about the board.

He just said that he knows nothing.


The officer replied back ‘we will call you back in case we need some information’.

Ryan nodded and came back immediately to his room.


He could not stop thinking about it and messaged Myra about the same.

His phone beeped.


Myra- don’t even think of opening it.

Ryan- why do you always boss around?

Myra- why do you always love troubling people around you?

Ryan-  You go to sleep. Good night.


Ryan was too tired but he just removed the cover to see what’s written on the board.


It was kept in sand and he cleaned it with the cloth.

It was written in a Belarusian text.



Гульня страчаных душ






PLAY                              OR                                             DIE






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