How to travel the world without money?

Spoiler – I’ve learned more about the world from regular trips to the library than on any escapade abroad.

In general, I love traveling, I have managed to gather plenty great experiences and stories that linger along with me thanks to those travels, but more than traveling, I love home and my library. Some things cannot be lived in your own country, smells, sounds, tastes etc, which is why the only way to experience these things is to book a flight, grab a bus, or a train, and travel to some unknown destination for you and feel these things for yourself.

Why travelling is overrated?


  1. Gaining perspective. You get a broader image of what the world is, its an opportunity to burst your bubble and Get out of your comfort zone.
  2. Coming back home. After an intensive trip of constantly moving around, there’s no better feeling than arriving back to your own space, your own bed, your family, your food.
  3. Better appreciation for what you have. Being grateful for those things you take for granted on a daily basis.
  4. Problem solving, Creativity . Unlike in your own country, in other places you have to hustle to solve problems, many times they don’t speak any language you know, you have limited knowledge on how things work, and you have a limited amount of resources to fix problems.
  5. Not Traveling by the book. “When in Paris, you have to go to X or Y”. There’s nothing I hate more, than having to visit a place and taking a selfie, just because a trillion people have already done it, you have to travel by your own demands and your own intuition.


“Buy experiences, not things. They last longer & make you happier”.


Moving to the topic. Here are some tips to save money when you are travelling.


Couchsurf  – This service connects travelers with locals who are willing to let them stay with them for FREE. Using this site you will never have to pay for accommodation. Years ago I read about a guy who has been traveling for years while only Couchsurfing and I’ve used this service about 10 times and always meet amazing people. Sometimes you get a room, sometimes a couch, sometimes an air mattress, but it’s always free. There are also local Couchsurfing group meet-ups that can help you make friends in your new city. Similar sites include Servas and Hospitality Club but I like Couchsurfing the best. It’s a more active community.

Airbnb– Another cheap way of travelling to cities with local people.

Hitchhike – A free way to get around destinations that is relatively safe and quite common in many parts of the world including Central America,Eastern Europe, Japan and some places in India.  I’ve hitchhiked in a few places around the world and know many people who have done the same.

Free Walking Tours – Want to learn about the city, get your bearings, and see the major sights? Take a free walking tour. You can find them in 90% of the major cities in Europe, and there are also a few in large Asian cities, New York, Australia, and New Zealand.

Some good free tour companies include:


Get Free Flights — There are so many ways to earn free flights. Sign up for a few travel credit cards, collect miles, and then fly for free. Most cards offer sign-up bonuses of 50,000 points — and if you sign up for both an airline card and a general rewards card like the Chase Sapphire or AMEX card, you can combine the two point balances and get a cheap flight faster.

  • Watch out for deals and coupons
  • Shop at their member stores
  • Put everything on the card
  • Date a lovely air hostess
  • Make a pilot friend


Sleep in large dorms — Large hostel dorm rooms are the cheapest paid accommodation out there. If Couchsurfing isn’t your thing, this is your next best way to save money on a place to sleep.

Get rail passes / Travel by bus— Booking ahead of time can usually save you about 50% of the cost of a train ticket, but if you don’t want to be tied into a fixed schedule, rail passes can save you a lot of money. I’ve saved hundreds in Europe.

Cook Your Meals – Buying from 24*7 and cooking it yourself is the best way to save money on food.

If you feel that no matter what you do you will never get ahead by saving money, follow this guide to ultimate travel frugality and see the world on the ultra cheap

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The game of the lost souls!

No one has ever been able to prove the existence of the terms rebirth or reincarnation. The existence of a soul is still not ascertained yet believed by most of the people. Though many people seems to believe in past karmas, life cycles and soul.

No one exactly knows what happens after we die. Do we take birth again?

How is it decided? Heaven or hell exists or it’s just a story.

Even if we come back then who decides what we become in the next cycle.

Why do we forget our past actions in the next birth?

Who weighs this good karma with bad karma?

Is it all decided?

This vicious life cycle as described in all the holy books.

All these were unanswerable until this man claimed that he has made the game of lost souls? He claims to know the secret hidden behind our subconscious brain.

All that has been ever done in your past and present life.

He could relocate any person to his past life.

Being a psychic neuroscientist for past 45 years with a dark background, the officials decided to lock him up in the prison for disturbing the media and the people around him.

Before they could catch hold of him. He ran away or maybe he died but they could not find his dead body.

They just found the laws of the game of lost souls, which he claimed was the only way to communicate with the past karmas.

The 7 levels that need to be cleared if anyone need to exit this game of birth and death.

Any failure in any round of the game leads to complete paralysis of the body, mind and soul and then the ultimate macabre.

Can anyone step forward and see what’s inside those 7 levels of the lost souls?

A dog’s life!


I got lucky today!

My owner got some chicken.

I stared at him,

In the smelly kitchen


He ignored me first

But i did not give up

My tongue was out

He put in my cup


I went out smiling

Looking at strangers

Barking on those

Who all are danger


I saw my love

And her cruel owner

He shoo me away

Without any manners


There is a boy

who brings a ball

He throw it high

I catch them all


To catch this one

I ran so fast

A speeding truck

This was the last

Kill me but please don’t rape me- She said

It was 3 a.m. She was partying all the stress out of her 9 to 5 bullshit job, being a data administrator in an IT company is not that easy. Firstly, handling such a huge data and then her work floor full of scary masculine sex craving people who try to hit on her every time.

Fridays are the best part of her weekend and everyone was fully sloshed. She had to go back home today as her father has come after a long time and it was all set for a family weekend.

She felt beautiful and yes she was in physical world too.

Her white matt finish skin with a perfect color tone and red lip-gloss was perfect for that day. Her red knee length dress made people look at her from bottom to top, stopping at the midway for more time because her figure was awesaneee. She was tall and her heels made her look taller than half of the guys in the party.

She was too drunk to drive and get back to her home. All her friends were inside the club were totally sloshed but she was sensible enough to make this decision in her mind to not to drive so she gave the keys to his friend to take care of her car and she took out her phone to book the cab.

She checked everything in her bag and drank a glass of water to detoxify little bit and get back in senses but she was still stumbling on her way. The cab guy came within 5 minutes and she sat in the

Front seat comforting herself by adjusting the angle.

Her destination was 45 minutes away from Gurgaon and she was happy about meeting her father soon.

Imagining all this in her mind, light music and glaring bright lights coming from the front made her sleep.

She did not know it would be the last beautiful sleep of her life and all her following life would be a nightmare.

The beast driver sitting with her had no mercy and respect for girls. What do we expect from an uneducated guy grown up in an area where people kill each other for money and rape was an everyday activity.

He observed that she had fallen in deep sleep and was drunk badly.

He did not even think twice in his mind and turned the car in a dark forest area. He drove till he reached the dead end of it and where no one could see his car. He was not even sweating because it was his 25th time. He turned off the head-light and touched the girl to satisfy his sick sexually spoiled mind and within seconds she was in her senses and got away from his reach trying to open the gate and run away but he was all prepared for this. The door did not open and her requested him to drop off her place back and there would be no complaint filed against his name. She wouldn’t even tell anyone about this. She begged, requested and cried but nothing happened. Kill me but please don’t rape me- she said.

He took her to the back seat of the car, rapped her badly and dropped her off to her home with a warning that if any complaint were filed against him then all her family would be dead.

Welcome to the rape world of Delhi. Daily hundreds of girls are raped brutally by such monsters and nothing happens.

Her life was ruined after the day. She told her father and was thrown out of the house immediately. She had no motivation to live and not even the courage to tell this story to the world.

-Varun chopra

ONE THING AT A TIME – First sci-fi novel :)

It was getting difficult for me to concentrate and focus. I am not made for just one thing in life. People advise me that don’t be a jack of everything, be a master of one but it doesn’t seem to ring a bell in my mind. It disturbs me if I don’t do all that interests me. I have been grown up this way. Should I change is all what I think in my mind? Can’t I succeed if I take up all these activities and move together? Nowadays I have even started combining all the activities I do.

I play football and basketball together. Under the basketball pole I have put a small football net and I dribble both the balls together and shoot at the same time. Its so much fun, using your legs to move the football and at the same time concentrate on basketball.

I have combined squash and lawn tennis together. I play lawn tennis in a room with two sides and net in between and it is allowed to hit on the walls too.

Basically an indoor closed room lawn tennis.

Time is limited but I want to experience everything. I am free; I do things what I like and my interest changes faster than time nowadays.

Many a times my brain is not at peace because I am occupied with too much things. I have to slow it down and to do it, I have to write. But I love playing a drum beat with my feet along with writing. Your hands are not full synchronised with feet but mine is.

I love to travel and I am a writer. I do these things together. I don’t write about travel but travelling helps me make stories. I sell books all over the world shouting in the streets to make some money and then travel more with the money.

I have a habit of talking to one new person everyday so I just keep giving random smile to people and find a reason to say hello. I don’t care if it is a girl or a boy. I don’t care if the girl is thinking I am hitting on her or if the boy thinks I am gay.

If I don’t find any person, I talk to animals. Whatever it is, a dog, a cat or even an ant or a small bug.

They have so wonderful life, searching for food and shelter. Exploring world.

I talk to them about their life and they tell me everything.

I have a brain disease whose name is difficult to recall and even pronounce.

Basically I had a brother and our heads were attached. Luckily or unluckily I survived and he died. But the doctors could not take out his brain because it could have resulted in my death too.

So I have two brains and I could not do one thing at a time.

Join this double roller coaster hell of a ride with the boy named Joy and the mystery to satisfy two brains, two girlfriends and two lives.

People cannot handle one, would he be able to handle two?

Staring or daring?

If you are going to stare, stare at my face. When I make eye contact with you,smile gently. If I frown or look away, look away. If I smile, talk to me.

That’s it.

If you stare at my body instead of my face, I will think you are objectifying me. If I make eye contact with you and you do not smile, I will think you are creepy or question whether you are looking at me at all. If I make eye contact with you and you look away quickly, I will think you lack confidence or are not interested in me. If I frown or look away and you do not, I will think you are creepy or a threat. If I smile back and you do not talk to me, I will think you are not really interested in me.

Above all: You are not entitled to my attention. If I choose not to grant it, move on with your life and do not further intrude into mine.

  • Anonymous

Best inspirational story ever

In a forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth.
She finds a remote grass field near a strong-flowing river.
This seems a safe place.
Suddenly labour pains begin.
At the same moment, dark clouds gather around above & lightning starts a forest fire.
She looks to her left & sees a hunter with his bow extended pointing at her.
To her right, she spots a hungry lion approaching her.
What can the pregnant deer do?
She is in labour!
What will happen?
Will the deer survive?
Will she give birth to a fawn?
Will the fawn survive?
Or will everything be burnt by the forest fire?
Will she perish to the hunters’ arrow?
Will she die a horrible death at the hands of the hungry lion approaching her?
She is constrained by the fire on the one side & the flowing river on the other & boxed in by her natural predators.
What does she do?
She focuses on giving birth to a new life.
The sequence of events that follows are:
– Lightning strikes & blinds the hunter.
– He releases the arrow which zips past the deer & strikes the hungry lion.
– It starts to rain heavily, & the forest fire is slowly doused by the rain.
– The deer gives birth to a healthy fawn.
In our life too, there are moments of choice when we are confronted on αll sides with negative thoughts and possibilities.
Some thoughts are so powerful that they overcome us & overwhelm us.
Maybe we can learn from the deer.
The priority of the deer, in that given moment, was simply to give birth to a baby.
The rest was not in her hands & any action or reaction that changed her focus would have likely resulted in death or disaster.
Ask yourself,
Where is your focus?
Where is your faith and hope?
In the midst of any storm, do keep faith on the Creator always. He will never ever disappoint you. NEVER.

-anonymousScreen Shot 2015-09-06 at 9.42.22 am


I remember when I was around 12 years old or so that I was having a chicken burger at Mcdonalds and I suddenly realised, “Oh,my god, its tuesday.”

I was a young, immature boy and took everything related to god very seriously. Maybe because everyone was doing it and I thought I had committed a sin, because I had been told that eating meat on tuesdays was a venial sin. And I remember I was very nervous and I went to the washroom 3-4 times. Cleaning my mouth again and again. I was feeling really guilty. I spoiled my mood and my day completely with that thought.

My mother took a look at me when I came into the house. She said: “what’s the matter? Are you okay? Did somebody beat you up? What happened?
And I said No. but I ate meat today.
I forgot it was a tuesday. God is going to be bad at me.

That’s what I really really thought. My heart was breaking that I did this thing.

My mother,God bless her, she just held me in her arms and said “its okay sweetheart. I am sure its all right” . Dont be upset now.

Now, my mother was wise enough to know that at the age of 12, I probably wasnt ready to hear that god simply didn’t care.

I had a dream that night with god saying in my dreams. He was speaking to the world that you can eat meat anytime and anyday and on tuesdays as well. I have no problem whatsoever.

I jumped in excitement in my dreams. Now all those people who ate meat on tuesdays can get out of..” They wont go to hell now. Its not a crime now.

He simply accepts us the way we are.

I just had to accept the way I am.

What kind of person you are???

Consider this modern day scenerio:

A man is getting ready to go to work. As he woke up earlier in the morning, his first thought was the meeting he has scheduled later in the day. It’s very important meeting with a foreign delegation that can win him a huge contract and pitch him into international headlines. Turning point in his life. He has been working for this from years now and today it will come to fruition. He dresses well and tells his wife and fine tune everything. He gets into his chauffeur driven car and becomes engrossed in working on his laptop. After a while, he looks up and realizes that the car is struck in a massive jam. Lanes of vehicles stand bumper to bumper, hopelesly stranded. Nothing is even moving. The jam tightens. The man looks nervously at his watch. If they move within the next 5 minutes, he will just be able to make in time. With mounting despair, he realizes that this is not going to happen.

Angrily he snaps at the driver: Why did he take this route today? He closes his laptop in frustration. his agitation increases by the second. How could this happen today? 15 minutes laters they still havent moved an inch. Unable to control his rage, he calls on his phone. His secretary tells him the foreign delegation is waiting. She requests that he come quickly, as they have other important appointments. Frustration and helplessness break through as he fires off another angry abuse to hapless driver.

Here is how another day—

A women wakes up, and as she stretches, a delicious sense on expectancy runs through her. Finally, this is the day her baby will come home. How long she’s waited for this moment. Almost two years back, she decided she would adopt a child. The whole process has taken this much time. But now the day is here and she has seen and held the baby who will be hers, it has blotted the agony of waiting.

There’s only one final formality left, which she’s rushing out now to complete. She believes in auspicious days and today is the one that her astrologer has chosen.

She takes a final look around the room. Everything is in place. She looks fondly at the new crib, piles of diapers and small clothes. She looks at her watch. She will be right on time. Today she needs to be the official who will witness her signing of papers. She turns the corner and suddenly the good cheer vanishes.

She’s confronted with a line of unmoving cars ahead. Quickly she considers whether she can change her route or not but already there are many cars behind hers.

She looks at her watch. There’s still no cause for despair. 15 minutes later, the hope has faded away. There has been a major accident and it will take hours to clear.

How could this happened today ? How can she return today without a baby? A sharp wave of disappointment floods through her. Tears, drained and helpless.She has to reschedule the  meeting now. She calms herself with this thought.

In a different part of the city—

A man wakes up at a dawn. He walks onto his balcony, greeting the day with a gentle smile. As he sips his tea, he thinks back on his career and contemplates what a special day. Today the president will present him with a reward. His children will come from all over the world. He feels blessed and graceful.

His wife bought him new clothes. He begins to dress. Soon they are all on their way, a proud family.

They are just 10 minutes away and the car is stopped by a police officer. The traffic has been diverted. The police officer who leans down into the window tells him there is an important function that the president has to attend. No traffic is allowed until then. In vain they try to explain how important it is for them to reach the venue as well for the award presentation ceremony. Officer looks at them helplessly. Dissapointments.

The man looks at himself unshakable.

With the same equanimity with which he drank his morning tea. He leans back and is soon absorbed in the music, oblivious to the honking cars and his family’s tension.

All 3 people are poised at very significant junctures in their life. The traffic jams they encounter are a metaphor for the hurdles they come up against on their journeys that prevent them from reaching their destination.

Which one is you??
Why are the responses so different?

You belong to all the 3 categories. Why do u behave differently?

What causes these swings?

-the only way out is within!

Words that will change your life!

Here are 10 quotes by Jim Rohn that will inspire you to work hard on yourself!

1) Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you’ll make a living, if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.

One of my favorite quote ever. I love it!

For all I know, formal education was never design to make you a millionaire. I personally witnessed way more changes in my life by working on myself than by studying at school. Formal education is great, but it is not enough. Work hard on yourself will give you the extra edge you need to live a more fulfilling and successful life.

2) The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development. I used to say, “If you will take care of me, I will take care of you. Now I say, I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.”

The best way to take care of people around you and make them happy is through personal development. You will inspire people around you to change and grow by working on yourself, not by trying to change them, which generally doesn’t work.

3) Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.

Rather than thinking about what you need to do in order to be successful, why not ask yourself what person do you need to become to be where you want to be?

4) If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

Many people spend more time planning their vacation that planning their life. If they were to plan their life meticulously like they do with their vacations, they would probably be more successful.

If you have no clear goals, you will end up working for people who do have goals (probably less exciting goals than you wish)

5) Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book.

Leaders are readers. Books are incredibly cheap especially when you take into account the fact that the authors sometimes spent years working on them. It is amazing to see that we can buy books from world experts who studied a certain topic for 40 years for just a few dollars, and pick their brain. Don’t miss a book!

6) Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills

We all have problems in life, and they won’t magically disappear no matter how successful we become. We must continuously learn and outgrow our problems. It is the way we approach problems that will determine whether we are successful or not.

7) Here is the greatest value of discipline: self-worth, self-esteem. People teach self-esteem these days but they don’t connect it with self-discipline. The least lack of discipline and it starts to erode our psyche.

Self-esteem and self-discipline are closely interconnected. Unfortunately, not many people are realizing that. Once we understand that it is through discipline that we can increase our self-esteem, self-discipline takes a whole new meaning. Are you a master of self-discipline?

8) Work on you philosophy, work on your attitude, work on your personality, work on your language, work on the gift of communication, work on all your abilities and if you’ll start making those personal changes, I’m telling you, everything will change for you.

Your vision of the world, your attitude or your personality will be determinant in your career as well as in your life. However, nobody teach you these skills at school, and even if they do, only you can work on your philosophy, your attitude or your personality. Nobody else can do it for you.

9) Neglect start as an infection, and if you don’t take care of it it becomes a disease.

It is easy to ease off a little bit, and doing a little bit less than our best. However, each neglect and bad habit will have an impact on your performance as well as on your self-worth. Before long it will affect your whole life.